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Travel Diaries of an Atypical Businessman by Malcolm Teasdale

Malcolm Teasdale has spent a ridiculous amount of time on planes and trains. Add to that taxis and various types of tuk tuks.


After an honest explanation about how he became a travel addict, Malcolm describes how some iconic places and wonders of the World are reachable with a little planning. It’s basically an attempt to simplify what can be deemed as an intimidating task. You can then add these to your Bucket List.

The rest of the stories in this book are about experiences in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean. Not one to shy away from a challenge or two, he travels to distant locations to visit spectacular buildings and architecture, surrounds himself with sharks at 50 feet underwater, spends a night in the wilderness in a tent and the following day enjoys hanging out with the nomads, finds a spiritual encounter in an iconic palace, ventures into areas of seediness and questionable merit and then relaxes on a spectacular beach just to get away from it all.

In his quest to fulfill some lifetime ambitions, the added benefit is to become further educated about how the rest of the World works.


The Stories:

  • The Travel Addiction Disease - My story

  • You are Never too old for Adventure

  • Village Hopping in the Cotswolds (ENGLAND)

  • Snow, Ice and Abba (SWEDEN)

  • Black Cats, Black Balsam and Rockabilly in Riga (LATVIA)

  • When in Rome, Venice or Florence (ITALY)

  • Hungry in Budapest (HUNGARY)

  • St. Petersburg - A City of Greatness (RUSSIA)

  • Where Tourists don't go in Asia (THAILAND)

  • A Little Closer to Shangri-La (TIBET, CHINA)

  • Hanging out with the Locals in the Island of the Gods (BALI, INDONESIA)

  • The Need for Seclusion (MONGOLIA)

  • The City of Angels Revisited (PHILIPPINES)

  • Bats, frog Fish and Natures' Wonders in Palawan (PHILIPPINES)

  • Mother Nature's Magic Below the Surface (PALAU)

  • The Long and Worthwhile Trip into the Middle of Nowhere (SIPADAN, BORNEO, MALAYSIA)

  • Grace Bay - The World's Best Beach (TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS)

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • You Tube Video Reference List

Asia Specific by Malcolm Teasdale

Travel Diaries of an Atypical Businessman “UNFILTERED”, is a revised version of the initial release from 2008, which is collection of real life experiences that is intended to hit the reader’s nerve or funny bone.


Although the title alludes to business, it should prove entertaining to anyone who has any interest in travel and cultural diversity. There are elements of danger, temptation, risk, humor, indulgence and satire in this book.


The content spans the years from 1990 to 2008, highlighting some of the business trips taken by the author. The stories are factual and reflect the events that happened at that time, but may not represent current travel experiences.


It is important to note that this revised edition is completely unfiltered compared to the first edition and affects a number of these chapters. In the 2008 version, specific names were not mentioned for a valid and unspecified reason, however due to requests from readers and the need to do the right thing. It was time to let the cat out of the bag in a "no holds barred approach."


Saying that, many of the names of business colleagues mentioned in this book have been changed in order to protect their anonymity. 

The Stories:
  • The Organized Chaos of Airline Travel

  • The Challenges of Languages, Dialects, Accents, Cultures - and a Combination of None of the Above

  • The Science of Parking Lots (Pennsylvania, Atlanta, USA)

  • Mex he Go (MEXICO)

  • Salvation in Salvador (EL SALVADOR, GUATEMALA)

  • The World’s Most Dangerous Place and Beautiful Women (COLOMBIA)

  • Hi, Dear—I’m at the Police Station in Lima (PERU)

  • Tango in the Night, Football in the Day (ARGENTINA)


  • Gringo on the Loose in Rio (BRAZIL)


  • The Gusty Winds of Change (ENGLAND, RUSSIA)

  • Geneva Fever (USA, SWITZERLAND)

  • Going Dutch in a Roundabout Way (ICELAND, ENGLAND, NETHERLANDS)

  • Gulf Crisis? What Gulf Crisis? (EGYPT)


  • The Chore in Bangalore (INDIA, SINGAPORE)

  • Nothing Could Be Finer than China (HONG KONG, CHINA, PHILIPPINES, MALAYSIA)

  • Rush Hour with Luggage in Japan (JAPAN)

  • The Great Down Under (AUSTRALIA, FIJI)

  • My Personal Opinions about Travel Stuff

Extreme business traveler Malcolm Teasdale details the case for relocating to Asia for several months and the challenges encountered while residing in the region trying to establish some credibility with the various cultures.
Some repeat business trips to Asia enduring the long haul flights from North America are also documented.
Jet lag, strange food, hygiene, massage parlors, traffic congestion, local drinking establishments, eccentric locals, all played a part in making the visits to Asia extraordinary.

The stories in this book focus on the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries with the exception of India and include places such as Phuket, Hanoi, Kota Kinabalu, Delhi, Phnom Penh, Jakarta and Singapore.
The Stories:
  • The Business Case and planning the move to Asia

  • Living in SIN’gapore (SINGAPORE)

  • Two Nights in Bangkok (THAILAND)

  • Anarchy in Patong Beach (THAILAND)

  • The Chiang Mai High (THAILAND)

  • Wat to see in Siem Reap (CAMBODIA)

  • Phnom’enal Penh (CAMBODIA)

  • The Mushroom Cloud (SINGAPORE)

  • The Trouble with India (INDIA)

  • So what kind of a bird is a Peking Duck? (HONG KONG)

  • KOh! Samui (THAILAND)

  • Ho ho ho Chi Minh (VIETNAM)

  • The Singha Shuffle (THAILAND)

  • In the Heart of Jakarta (INDONESIA)

  • Very Hanoi’ing (VIETNAM)

  • Malaise in Malaysia (MALAYSIA)

  • Wild man in Borneo (BORNEO, MALAYSIA)

  • Not too Laos'y (LAOS)

  • Favorite and Not-So-Favorite Places in the World

  • Favorite Travel Quotes

The Mid-Life Crisis Continues by Malcolm Teasdale

What now appears to be an addiction or an extension of a midlife crisis, Malcolm Teasdale seems hell-bent on traveling to destinations where most people would not consider.


Whether it is trekking in the Himalayas, diving with the World’s largest fish, or hanging out in one of the seediest towns in Asia, the quest for adventure continues.

Thimphu, Bhutan, Nagarkot, Nepal, are not household names, but that’s the beauty of it all, to go where the general population do not venture.

Explore how Malcolm deals with the physical and social challenges in far off distant lands in an effort to become educated and fulfilled.

The Stories:

  • Two Hours in Myanmar (MYANMAR)

  • A Laugh a Minute in Dubai (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

  • Kathmandu- Religion, Temples, Bars, Chaos and Pollution (NEPAL)

  • Soul Searching and Trekking in Nepal, an Unforeseen Relationship (NEPAL)

  • If there is such a thing as God’s Country, Maldives could be it (MALDIVES)

  • Pattaya – definitely NOT God’s Creation (THAILAND)

  • Slightly over Par in Phuket (THAILAND)

  • City of Angels – but not a place for those who believe in them (PHILIPPINES)

  • Typhoon! What Typhoon? (PHILIPPINES)

  • Keeping it Sacred in Bhutan (BHUTAN)

  • Got to get to Phi Phi (THAILAND)

  • Like a Sudden Hope in the Dark Night of the Soul (MYANMAR)

  • New Year Happenings in Nha Trang (VIETNAM)

  • Land Sharks and Whale Sharks (PHILIPPINES)

  • Don’t be a Chicken, go to Turkey (TURKEY)


  • Blog Log

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Enjoy this introduction
Audio book - Religion, Spirituality and Life in the Himalayas by Malcolm Teasdale
Auduble Book.jpg
Religion, Spirituality and Life in the Himalayas by Malcolm Teasdale
Over the space of two years, Malcolm Teasdale spent a substantial amount of time in the Himalayan Kingdoms of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and Myanmar.
During that time, he learnt how people in the region conducted their lives on a day to day basis.Steeped in religion, specifically Hinduism and Buddhism, the experience of mingling with the locals, and learning about their way of life became an enlightening experience.
The time spent in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and Myanmar are described in details, with a summary chapter that pieces it all together in trying to understand why the Himalayas are so important to the peoples lives. Extraordinary and ever lasting memories about an area of the World where few people dare to visit.

Note that stories in this book are derived from "The Mid-Life Crisis Continues" and "Planes, Trains, Taxis and Tuk Tuks" with the exception of the Chapter "Connecting the Dots".
The Stories:
  • Kathmandu: Religion, Temples, Bars, Chaos and Pollution (NEPAL)

  • Soul Searching and Trekking in Nepal, an Unforeseen Relationship (NEPAL)

  • Keeping it Sacred in Bhutan (BHUTAN)

  • The Road to Tibet (TIBET, CHINA)

  • Like a Sudden Hope in the Dark Night of the Soul (MYANMAR)

  • Connecting the Dots

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