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After traveling on business for 30 years, what was I going to do after I sold my company in 2013? Answer: Travel more, but to the off-the-beaten-track and obscure places on planet Earth. After visiting almost 100 countries and living in 5 countries, I officially became a Travel Addict. Today, I am contracted by various Cruise Lines to perform enrichment and educational lectures to passengers on various journeys around the World. A podcast or two will be published from time to time when I am back in my office and of course it will be about travel. Oh, almost forgot. I write travel books - factual and quirky. Check me out at "Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport"

The Travel Addict Podcast


These are "audio only" recordings that include my personal travel experiences around the World and the wonderful guests who are either business types or travel addicts to a degree, who want to share their stories of success, failure, weirdness, inspiration and just plain stupidity.  
The Travel Addict guest appearances


These are "audio only" recordings of my guest appearances on various types of business and travel podcasts. They range form radio stations to professional and amateur podcast host channel. I share my experiences, advice, plus candid opinions and other subjects of a dubious nature. 
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I love to hear about travel experiences that are to places off-the-beaten-track or destinations where the masses do not venture. Actually, anything that could be added to a bucket list that may include an element of adventure, danger, weirdness, or beauty will pique my interest.

Also interested in ex-pat experiences, either permanent or temporary.

Entrepreneurship - Yes, I created a technology startup and ultimately sold it to a large corporation 15 years later. If you have a story to tell that exudes success, I want to hear about it.

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